Mr. Three Five Photography

"Each Photograph is a captured moment in time..."

Mr. Three Five photography is the photo blog of photographer Amar Rambadhan. This site contains lower resolution images of my photos, taken with cameras ranging from a Nikon DSLR to Apple Iphone 5. I chose the name Mr. Three Five as I like to shoot at 35mm.

My portfolio ranges from nature,landscape, portrait, events (weddings, parties, corporate functions), and industrial photography. If you need to contact me click the "Contact me" link or the "Ask me anything" . Or simply call 784-4448.
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Had lunch here yesterday Carli Bay Couva….

Woman in the club last year

Photos from a evening drive

Here are some photos of the artwork at the kids play park on San Fernando Hill. Hats off to the creator of these. I really like the colours.

Pigeon Point beach in Tobago

Visited our sister isle of Tobago for the carnival weekend. Here are some of the photos i took during jouvert in Scarbourough.

I was at Palmiste park yesterday and took these shoots, I was surprised I got 8 feet from the caimans, seems they were a male and female… i could be wrong.

I like these… No they are not portugals…

The inside of the furnace…

Photographed the inside of a furnace, that normally operates at 1600 Celsius… luckily it was turned off and cooled down. It takes a couple days to cool to room temperature. Had to film damage to the inside of it.

Tree growing under the mill… One lonely tree

Katwaroo Dam…

I am here …. Katwaroo Dam in Penal.

A discarded brass part from the mill recycled as a pen holder…